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We can 2x your leads with digital marketing

Our 100% working digital marketing strategies help businesses in Cornwall to get more online leads. Our in-house team works directly with you and covers any web design & digital marketing service.

We have driven over 2.7M+ in sales for our clients within the last 3 years

Blue Bee Web Professional Digital Marketing Services in Cornwall

Start Generating
High-Quality Leads
in Cornwall

SEO + Content Marketng

From $1,500


Start your SEO & Content Marketing with creating highly engaging articles, and ranking higher in Search Engines to consistently attract qualified leads to your website.

Paid Advertising

From $550


Start getting leads instantly through effective Paid Advertising & the variety of PPC Strategies. Take advantage of a Search Engine platform to reach the hottest leads right this second.

Custom Web Design

From $2,000

Tell your ideal customers about how their life can be improved with your products or services. Get a clear & detailed message to your visitors & start collecting qualified leads.

Custom eCommerce Development

From $5,000

Start selling your products Online directly through the eCommerce website, designed specifically for the easiest and the fastest checkout.

Boost your digital marketing & Web design ROI in Cornwall risk-free

Request your Free Digital Marketing Review

Digital Marketing is a serious investment. Let’s start risk-free. Get a clear picture of your digital marketing opportunities & outline for future success. 100% free.

Step 1

We set up a free Digital Strategy call to create a precise plan

We must learn your niche and define your USP & brand’s value proposition. We’ll put up an exact plan of action to acquire more leads with digital marketing.

Step 2

Start at least doubling the amount of your high-quality lead

We constantly implement all needed digital marketing activities to maximize your digital marketing ROI and amount of high-quality leads from your digital marketing.

Step 3

Blue Bee Web Digital Marketing Results

Here are the results achieved for our clients

"They have developed an eCommerce website, Google Ads campaign, Social Media presence & most importantly, were able to connect our unique services & product to the interested audience. We tried many other PPC agencies before, but working with Blue Bee Web for 3 years made a huge difference in terms of ROI. Thank you! Highly recommended!"

- Oleg Scerbacov, President of ECU Team Corp
A Blue Water Taco PPC Google Ads Results provided by Blue Bee Web

Automotive Electronic Solutions In The USA, West Palm Beach, FL

Return in Sales
Total Ad Spend
New clients

"I'm really impressed!
They have built my Online Taco store, mind-blowing Paid Ads and Email Marketing. If you are looking for the best one-stop-shop digital marketing agency, then you are at the right place. Blue Bee Web is the best!"

- Mike Flannery, CEO/Owner of Blue Water Taco
A Blue Water Taco PPC Google Ads Results provided by Blue Bee Web
A logo of Blue Water Taco Restaurant n the USA, Jupiter, FL

Local Taco Restaurant in the USA, Jupiter, FL

In sales during campaigns

hours we’ve saved our clients


in revenue we’ve generated for our clients


average ROI increase within 12 months

Our Stats

What we've been able to win for our clients

How Digital Marketing & Web Design Will Help Your Business in Cornwall?

If you find this true, our Cornwall Web Design & Digital Marketing Services are for you

More relevant leads & sales are needed through the website

Your website is slow, buggy, and does not generate leads or sales

You are looking for a sales increase without blowing the budget

You don’t have time for experimenting yourself & wish to rely on experts

You need a consistently growing number of hot leads

You want to lower the Ad Spend for the existing campaign

Blue Bee Web Cornwall Web Design & Digital Marketing Benefits

Benefits of working with us

Boost organic traffic among relevant keywords within the first 3 months

Your domain authority, website technical condition, content relevancy, social media presence, and many other factors considerably make you rank higher. Our team has developed several proven ways of getting to the top of the search & start getting the exact leads. The strategy begins showing first results within 2 months after launch.

Rank at the top of Google Search in 9-12 months

Don't think 9-12 months is too long. Our practice shows that others can't make it even within 24 months. Despite taking it from 9-12 months, your ROI will grow, turning your business into one of the most well-known brands in your industry, and organically bringing the hottest leads daily.

grow ROI & brand's recognition Constantly

With Blue Bee Web, you are not investing in the air. Your success is our success & our primary goal is to skyrocket your brand & increase your ROI. If your brand's recognition grows - your income is rising. That is the most significant result & proof of a quality job.

No Contract Obligations

We are not forcing you to sign any paperwork to work with us. The best guarantees are our results. If you are getting positive & consistently growing results, both parties could be ensured in stable & transparent long-term business relationships.

You are not obligated to stick to us. Leave any time, if not satisfied with the results we perform.

PPC Brings Instant Results To Your Business

Paid Advertising consists of multiple effective Ad types. One of the most common - Pay-Per-Click (PPC). In short, you can place your page to the very top of the search results for money. By doing so, people searching for the related content will be able to see your Ad as a search result, and convert into a lead.

Once your Ad Campaign is live, it starts showing up in search results immediately, meaning generating clicks. Clicks are not enough, because they have to contain value by bringing interested clients. To do so, our team performs in-depth keyword research to penetrate targeted audience.

We expand your audience & build stronger presence along with desire to act

Another huge benefit of Paid Advertising is it's humongous audience. There are so many people searching for different things each second, that it's always a space to get more traction.

By optimizing Ad Campaign and increasing Ad Spend budget, you can show up in front of millions of people in a day. It means that more people can view your product or services & more chances to convert.

Start Getting More Qualified Leads & Sales

Depending on your business, ranking higher will deliver better results, more traffic, and qualified leads or product sales. It’s the result of adequately built Content Marketing & SEO Optimization.

You can cancel any time!

Yes, you can cancel your Ad Campaign at any time. This is another great benefit of why you should try marketing your brand online with us.

Who we work with in Cornwall

Who We Serve

Architecture and Design
Restaurants, Food and Beverage
Real Estate
Small Business
Construction & Home Improvements
Beauty & Wellness
B2B Services & SaaS

Blue Bee Web Cornwall Web Design & Digital Marketing In-House agency

What to expect from us

We are an all-in-one Paid Advertising/PPC agency. We are ready to provide you with a full range of digital marketing services. With our proven PPC approach, you will boost paid traffic to your website and increase conversion rates.

Lead Generation Funnels

We create effective funnels to attract interested audience.

In-Depth Researches

Our team starts with detailed content research, website audit & SEO audit.

Custom Copywriting

Individual Copywriting approach to your specific business niche.

Website Development

Professional website design & development at any scale, from small landing-pages to blogs & ecommerce.

Top-Notch Copywriters

Our copywriters are dedicated to write engaging content for your audience.

Competition Analysis

Our team is looking for the majority of your competitors to outperform them all.


Pay less & get more - an effective Digital Marketing. Increase ROI with our best practices.

Proven SEO Tactics

We combine experience with new methods to get the max for long-term SEO campaigns.

Search Engine Optimization / SEO

More quality Leads With Organic Search in Cornwall

Convert your target visitors into hot leads
with a high-performing SEO-optimized website.

Your SEO sucks at generating leads & converting them into qualified leads.

Simply having a website is not enough to improve your leads & sales growth.

You need to:

  • Have a well-optimized & intuitive web pages
  • Develop a well-thought website strategy & build a SEO optimized website
  • Perform necessary monthly SEO optimizations & content improvements

We know what it takes to:

  • Perform an in-depth keyword & competitor research
  • Develop a high-performing, SEO-optimized website
  • Write engaging meta title & meta descriptions to attract warm leads
  • Increase your website & landing page conversion rate

Blue Bee Web SEO Service. We will help you gathering qualified leads with organic search
Blue Bee Web Paid Advertising (PPC) Service. We will help you instantly attract targeted customers.
Paid Advertising / PPC

Instantly get targeted customers with paid ads in Cornwall

Absence or poor Ad Campaign is stopping your ROI consistent growth.

Simply having an Ad Campaign is not enough for lead & sales growth.

You need to:

  • Have a well-optimized & intuitive landing page
  • Develop a well-thought Ad strategy & build an Ad Campaign
  • Perform necessary monthly Ad Campaign optimizations

We know what it takes to:

  • Perform an in-depth keyword research & trend analytics
  • Develop high-performing Ad Campaigns
  • Write engaging Ads to attract interested leads
  • Increase your landing page conversion rate

Content Marketing

Convert visitors into hot leads in Cornwall with Content Marketing

Boost Warm Leads 3x In 3 Months Using Content Marketing

Here is the bad news:
Your website's Content Marketing sucks at generating Organic Traffic & Hot Leads
Simply having a website is not enough for lead & sales growth.

You need to:

  • Have a well-thought & engaging website copy
  • Clear & straight-forward messaging
  • Continuously upcoming useful blog posts for your targeted audience

We know what it takes to:

  • Perform in-depth content research & related keywords
  • Develop high-performing Content Marketing funnels
  • Write engaging copy to attract qualified leads
  • Increase your website engaging time & conversion rate

Blue Bee Web Content Marketing. Convert your audience into high-quality leads with clear and simple messaging
Blue Bee Web Web Design Service. We build high-converting & performing, top-secure and blazing fast websites that are focused on leads and sales generation.
Web Design & Development

A high-performing website for lead generation in Cornwall

Unprofessional, not responsive, bulky, hard to understand & infinitely loading website or eCommerce is stopping your consistent growth.

Simply having a website is not enough for consistent & growing ROI.

You need to:

  • Have a crystal clear messaging
  • Show the true value of your products or services
  • Provide an intuitive & well-thought navigation
  • Get blazing-fast page speed & loading time

We know what is takes to:

  • Develop website strategy & set realistic goals
  • Create an intuitive website design
  • Increase lead generation with clear messaging

Digital Marketing & Web Design Agency in Cornwall FAQ

Still have questions?

You are right if you feel you don't know enough yet. Paid Marketing is a complex topic. We'll try to answer some of your questions beforehand.

So, what exactly are you going to do for me & how it's going to help my business?

That's an excellent question. In short, we create engaging blog posts/articles for your new or revamped website or online store and perform SEO. All these activities are done with a digital marketing strategy & realistic goals increase in leads & sales.

Do you guarantee results?

We absolutely guarantee results. Ranking your site on Google depends on the amount of competition, quantity of search queries, and overall quality of your business. While every situation is different, we guarantee a significant and measurable increase in your rankings & lead generation.

How long do I need to do Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is not a one-time service. It requires monthly work to maintain consistent lead or sales flow. There's now way you can hack the system, outran digital marketing and still get desired results. Your digital presence - is your money-maker.

How can you improve my business if you are not dealing with it?

Well, we do deal with your type of business, most likely. We specialize on certain industries & our specialists have been working in your domain for years. We also monitor competitors to see what they are post and how, to make it even better.

Essential elements of Digital Marketing you need to know

CRO/Conversion Rate Optimization

CRO is the second most important metric of any SEO campaign. After appearing in search results, you can improve rankings by aligning your titles, meta descriptions, and on-site content. CRO is the practice of increasing the percentage of users who perform a desired action on a website. Desired activities include purchasing a product, clicking, signing up, filling out a form, or ink.

Keyword & Competitor Research

We help you rank higher for relevant search terms. Our SEO professionals will examine the keywords for which your website is presently ranking and create a new list of keywords that makes the most sense for your business and the competitive environment. Competitor research gives us a better understanding of weak points that we can use to outperform them.

Blog Content

Blog content marketing consists of creating & publishing content on your website that is relevant to your target audience. The main goal is not to be advertised but to be found by relevant search queries. This way, you get mainly warm leads and improve your conversion rates. Blog content marketing may include blog posts, infographics, videos, ebooks, playbooks, and more.

Website Audit

A website audit is a bit different from an SEO audit. It assists digital marketers in isolating site errors, identifying areas of potential wins, understanding competitor strengths and weaknesses, doing keyword research, and developing a realistic task schedule based on priority sequencing. Any company that wants to increase the amount and quality of its organic & targeted visitors should do a thorough website audit.

SEO Audit

The SEO audit aims to identify many foundational issues affecting organic search performance. An SEO audit shows how well your web presence fits best practices – it is the first step to creating an implementation plan with measurable results. The SEO audit will reveal technical SEO issues, website structure errors, On-page SEO problems, possible off-site troubles, content gaps and possibilities, and many more.

Landing Page Optimization

Since PPC campaign is navigating users to your landing page, it's vital optimizing it to the point where it's intuitive for a call to action. Users should act accordingly once they land to a page with less obstacles. Paid Advertising Platforms are scoring from 1 to 10 Ads quality. Landing page experience is playing a crucial role for this factor. Content on the page must represent advertised product or service including detailed description and call to action.

Here’s what sets the Blue Bee Web team apart

Every team is unique, and we are not an exception. It’s all about inner values, beliefs, and rich expertise that positively affect the work process and results.

We put people first

We treat you the same way we treat ourselves. All of us are creative beings with personalities. We strive to reflect only the best qualities of you in your business. We serve and help you grow while focusing on other vital business parts. The same applies to our team. We are helping each other in the creative aspect of our lives, trying to fulfill it with sense, progress and mastery. We feel you, as a client, as a headship, and our team, as one community, focused on helping and improving the quality of life.

Our total transparency

We are talented, experienced, and brave to explore new ways of our business. Whether digital marketing, web design & development, or brand design, we share our strategies directly. You can find the results of our work in our cases and our client's testimonials. While working with us, reports show the efficiency of our work in exact numbers.

We are education-focused

While giving you the most efficient results, we always need to learn something new. Cookie-cutter digital solutions are not bringing positive results. That’s why it is hard for you to find a good digital marketing provider. To succeed online, you need a team thinking out of the box.

You get dedicated specialists

Working with us, you get a tighten-up team dedicating their time & expertise to develop strategies, implement, test, and improve them for your business growth.

We are ROI-obsessed

Results - all that matters. Positive ROI is the most delightful result any business owner wishes to see, and we are here to give it to you.

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