ABout Blue Bee Web

We help the best companies achieve the best results

Blue Bee We started with a desire to help businesses needing professional digital marketing assistance.

Both of us, Vall and Vlad, clearly see the mess in today's digital marketing industry reality.

The market is flooded with scammers, and none of us want to join "the Bad and the Ugly," obviously.

We perceive ourselves as creators of something better. It's the solution we provide that saves your time. We help your business lift off, prosper and let you, the business owner, live your dream life.

We, Vall and Vlad came over with different backgrounds in digital marketing.
Vall mastered Paid Advertising, when Vlad had great expertise in Web Design.

That was a perfect synergy, so we created a company called "Blue Bee Web" for a reason.

There's a tiny percentage of actual blue-colored bees, "Blue Orchard Mason Bee" in our nature.

They are more beneficial to tree growers since they adapt and collaborate with their surroundings better than regular yellow bees.

The same way we are. We are not forcing our solutions or biding our clients with choking contracts.

Instead, we are looking for the same burning gaze of business owners to embody their true potential.

We understand it takes effort to find a digital marketing partner that can fit. Same is with us. It takes effort to find like-minded. That's why we treasure connections with our clients the most.

We are looking to serve great companies, no matter what size. If that's you, let's try helping each other grow faster, providing excellent services and products to our clients, achieving personal dreams and goals.

Thank you for your time reading this.
It means a lot to us.

With respect,
Vall & Vlad.

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What our clients say about us

When they advise us on what's need to be changed, their suggestions work all the time.

CEO, ECU Team Corp
Oleg Scerbacov


We’re satisfied with their delivery; the team has met all our expectations.

President & Owner, Zii3 Strategy
Donovan Z.


They really worked with us and proposed great ideas — we worked well together.

Founder & CEO, Gym Tots On Wheels
Violetta Gavriyelov


We’ve been most impressed with Blue Bee Web, Inc’s communication skills — they’re very responsive and communicative.

CEO, Blue Water Taco
Mike Flannery