3,000 Clients In 1st Month For a SaaS Leading Shared Hosting

Project Highlights

  • Brought in 3,000 customers in the 1st month of launch
  • 40 Domain Authority (by aHrefs) on the 3rd month after launch

Project Summary

We provided:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Web Design
  • Content Marketing
  • Branding

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Client Review

The Challenge

The main challenge was to find a way to successfully launch the service into the ideal audience, all from the 1st try. The ideal audience is very specific - web developers and enthusiasts. Another challenge is the fact that we are entering into competition with market giants.

The approach

We decided to make entry point as easy as possible. Combining fair and transparent pricing with no hidden fees, we approached the top influencers on YouTube. Just 2 videos alone enabled smaller influencers to talk about Web Host Most, spreading the word for free.

The Outcome

To hit the perfect target on the first try, we need to take the time to prepare and don't rush. Learning the essence of Web Host Most's vision and the needs of ideal clients through Brand Strategy allowed us to optimize our efforts and succeed.

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