Auto Electronics Online Store & Marketing - ECU Team Corp

Auto Electronics Online Store & Marketing - ECU Team Corp

ECU Team became a reputable & recognizable brand in the Automotive Electronics industry with constant positive growth.

Auto Electronics Online Store & Marketing - ECU Team Corp

ECU Team Corp - Company, providing professional services & re-manufactured automotive control modules.

It's a company with deep knowledge, skilled personnel, and the will to help everybody who needs their capabilities to solve automotive auto computer problems. Our mission was to help ECU Team find their ideal client & offer their audience an easy way to interact with ECU Team services & products.

The solution was to develop a well-thought brand strategy that speaks to the audience in their language and guides them to solve problems using ECU Team's services or products.

Our team performed deep market research & analytics, developed the brand strategy to penetrate the market in the exact niche, developed the plan to scale up from the very bottom with the lowest budget, created the logo and other branding assets, and developed an efficient eCommerce website & professional digital marketing campaign. We were able to bring most of the pages with relevant keywords to page one of the Google searches and deliver the highest traffic without spending money on Advertising.

Our strategy allowed the company to save the budget, become efficient, and rank at the top with most keywords, driving interested clients directly to ECU Team Corp's solution. The company is performing great results today and remains the most reputable brand.

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