Best Free Restaurant Online Ordering System. Rise your sales

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December 20, 2022
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Best Free Restaurant Online Ordering System. Rise your sales
Menufy, Postmates, Square, or your website only. Find out all the pros & cons of selling online with a self-hosted system, saving on fees, and improving sales.

Restaurant Online Ordering System

Restaurant Online Ordering System is a crucial part of any online restaurant business that gives people an option to purchase products online, directly from the website.

A self-Hosted restaurant online ordering system is the next step to scaling your business. It gives convenient functionality to customers and generates loyal fans of your brand.

In this article, you'll learn the importance of restaurant online ordering systems, types of restaurant online ordering software, the benefits of a self-hosted restaurant online ordering system, and why you should start selling from your restaurant website directly.

Keep reading this article to learn more about profitable ways of scaling your restaurant business.

Missing Of Restaurant Online Ordering System Hurts Your Business

Making the restaurant business better is always a challenge since you have to be on top of everything and, most importantly, keep your customers happy. There are many ways of improving the business, but we’ll be talking about restaurant online ordering systems in this article.

In the 21st century, people’s lives are converting into the digital world. It’s much more convenient to order anything you wish on your smartphone. In just a couple of clicks, people can send their choices to the restaurant, pay online & get everything delivered by their door.

An online ordering system for the restaurant business is valuable and benefits both the business owner & the customer. Let’s dive into the restaurant’s online ordering system & learn more information about it.

The Importance Of Self-Hosted Restaurant Online Ordering System
The Importance Of Self-Hosted Restaurant Online Ordering System

Types Of Restaurant Online Ordering System

There are only two available restaurant online ordering system types.

  1. 3rd Party Online Ordering Systems
  2. Self-Hosted Online Ordering Systems

Let’s Discuss 3rd Party Systems First

It’s a service offered by 3rd parties, also known as “storefronts,” allowing owners to place their restaurant menu on 3rd party websites and sell it. You have to pay a monthly fee to list & sell your products. Besides just listing and selling online, there is no control of the current page, functionality, payments systems, delivery options, and other features. It’s made specifically for those who do not want to spend money on their own excellent & profitable website.

In some cases, restaurant owners wish to have their website, and they create one, but it’s just a static page, not an eCommerce website. Therefore you can’t buy directly from there, but to make it possible for the restaurant owner to sell online, they attach a link to a 3rd party storefront so that customers can buy online.

A Little Bit About Self-Hosted Platforms

A Self-Hosted platform is the same as an eCommerce website, but you don’t have to use pre-built 3rd party solutions to sell your products. You get complete control of the website, users, functionality & scalability.

Let’s talk a bit more detail about 3rd party online ordering platforms and find out their significant problems.

Problems Of 3rd Party Online Ordering Platforms

When using 3rd party solutions, it’s always beyond your control. At the same time, when this route has benefits, it’s also hiding lots of problems that the platform won’t tell you upfront.

It’ll be easier to list the most critical ones below:

  1. Monthly service fees
  2. Higher transaction fees
  3. No control over functionality
  4. Limited online payment options
  5. Limited user control
  6. Limited digital marketing functional
  7. Separate page from your main restaurant domain (if you have one)
  8. No shipping/delivery options
  9. No control over the page design
smiling through the pain, restaurant online ordering system

Meet Self-Hosted Restaurant Online Ordering System Free Of Monthly Charges

Our favorite solution for true professionals & real business owners is a Self-Hosted online ordering system. It covers all the cons 3rd party solutions have and adds even more benefits to generate sales.

Nothing could be better than being dependent on yourself only. Especially in the business world, you are responsible for your brand’s reputation, so you can’t rely on 3rd party solutions. The best you can do to get more trust & increase your reputation in front of your audience is offering exceptional execution.

Why are big brands like McDonald’s, KFC, and Starbucks not using 3rd party ordering systems? For that exact reason. They know & understand the value of independence developed with time.

If you choose this path, the success of your business is going to be on your side.

Let’s compare both solutions in the image below to see all the differences between the two:

self-hosted restaurant online ordering system, self hosted online ordering vs 3rd party, restaurant online ordering system

Start Selling On Your Website Directly

If you already have a domain for your restaurant, it’s even better. With some web development adjustments, you can directly integrate a Self-Hosted online ordering functionality into your website.

Get complete control of your web project, make it the way you want it to be, and add features as needed, without any limitations. Show your audience that your brand deserves respect, and you can make them happy from any perspective. Stick your customers to your business and let them enjoy your products without limitations.

Self-Hosted Restaurant Online Ordering System will generate sales & increase your brand awareness. Same as it did for one of our clients.

lets make some money, restaurant online ordering system

Results For Our Client

Blue Water Taco - our happy client with the Self-Hosted restaurant online ordering system free of headache. They are generating sales day by day and increasing their revenue month-to-month.

Explore this case here.

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