The Best Free Software for Restaurant Management

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December 20, 2022
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The Best Free Software for Restaurant Management
Find out more about the best free Online Restaurant Management Software for your business and how it helps save time & increase sales.

The Best Online Restaurant Management Software

Restaurant management software allows business owners and personnel to manage restaurant routines, track inventory, schedule events, and centralize the entire workflow in one place. The only free online restaurant management software is the one that you host and build specifically for your own business.

Online restaurant management software free of charge is hard to find or even impossible. Therefore, we'd like to give you detailed information about it, so you can have a clear understanding of what it is, how it works, and how to get free access to the most advanced platform.

Start reading this article to get the most helpful tips and start utilizing your management platform free of charges and 3rd party conditions.

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You Are Wasting Your Time & Income If Not Using Online Restaurant Management Software

Online Restaurant Management Software is a part of restaurant digital transformation. Based on FinancialsOnline statistics, 71% of food businesses believe that digital transformation is a crucial factor for business agility, higher than the share of rapid decision and learning cycles (50%), empowered teams (27%), and entrepreneurial culture (20%).

It proves the fact that restaurant management software is not just another software. It's a helpful tool for a restaurant business that adds value to your business.

Why Online Restaurant Management Software Is Crucial To Your Business

The crucial aspect of management software is that it can be fully automated. It's possible to set up many different triggers to initiate a chain of tasks for your restaurant business. Isn't that great?

Management software does a lot of things; and primarily saves your time and lets you get rid of a daily routine:

  • you can track your inventory
  • schedule any critical event
  • manage your employees, customers, income, spending,
  • and many more things that you would normally do daily.

Let's get a bit more details of each shown above to understand better.

Track inventory

Add inventory items into the system with the exact quantity, and it'll automatically notify you when you are running out of inventory so that you can get supplies on time.

Schedule events

Use an integrated scheduler and set up your meetings with no headache, and get notified about upcoming events on time.

Managing employees, customers, spending

Add employees to your system, assign custom roles and rules to everyone, and manage everybody easily, including work time tracking and a list of things done during the working period.

With online restaurant management software, you can free up your time and ease your employees' routines by letting them focus on essential tasks and stay focused on your business's successful development.

What Is The Best Restaurant Management Software For Business?

There are two types of restaurant management software. Online & Offline.

Offline is the one you can install on your computer and manage directly from the local machine. However, this is not the most convenient and efficient way. 

Online is divided into two parts: 

  • 3rd party restaurant management system
  • a self-hosted one

Our team, Blue Bee Web, loves to make your life easier. Therefore we prefer a self-hosted Online restaurant management system. 

Why? Because it could be integrated with your restaurant website directly. You can always have access to the system and manage it.

Another advantage is that a self-hosted restaurant management system is free. It's a part of your website functionality, so there is no need for monthly payments to 3rd parties.

It also gives you a centralized infrastructure for your online business.

Quality control is the last but not least benefit of the self-hosted software for restaurant management. While the software development team you hired is building your app, they can reduce the development time by outsourcing QA to a wide range of experienced quality control teams.

Start Using Free Restaurant Management Software Online

We encourage you to start using an online restaurant management system for your restaurant today if you are looking for scalability and better time management. Stop hurting yourself with routine tasks.

It's time to automate the business and enjoy your free time. Let the management system send all the emails, notifications, reminders, and everything you need on its own.

Follow Our Path To Successfully Manage Online

One of our clients uses an online restaurant management software for their business which frees up its time to the point where they can focus on their business improvement. We are happy to provide the online restaurant management software and support it monthly, so you can keep developing your dream business while doing what we are best.

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