In this article, we'd like you to know the most significant SEO Mistakes to avoid when building new websites. This article can also benefit an existing website with a missing SEO strategy.

Firstly, in one of our previous articles, we've described SEO prices and factors affecting the SEO cost. If the strategy to penetrate the market using SEO is ready, time to optimize. But how to properly build an SEO structure?

Well, let's find out critical factors that will ruin the entire project if you don't follow the rules of SEO games. Our goal is to deliver valuable information to learn from others' mistakes and not from yours.

Domain Age

Why do we even mention the Domain Age? Is it that important for SEO? Apparently, it is if we are talking about SEO mistakes to avoid.

Domain Age - is the time passed since domain ownership. In other words, how long the domain exists.

Any Search Engine will give your domain a certain amount of 'value' or 'trust.' Domain Value/Trust is a combination of things, such as:

  • metrics
  • traffic
  • age

For instance, if the websites' domain is less than a year from the first index, the Search Engine will consider the resource as a 'young-age resource' and never value the domain high enough.

Major SEO Mistakes To Avoid

The ideal scenario for a successful Ranking Growth would be involving SEO specialists in the stage of website development.

However, the situation in most cases isn't that ideal. An SEO agency or SEO specialists get involved once the project is ready to launch. Customers are waiting for the results almost instantly with no luck.

As always, let's break down in list essential SEO tips:

  • Website Structure. The proper page structure is fundamental for future Ranking. A comprehensive and full structure will boost Search Optimization in no time. Covering a bigger audience by improving Search Results. It'll affect the Ranking in general.
  • Improper Keyword Location. You must assign each page with relevant keywords. The page's content should interfere with the keyword the page is Ranking. Keywords structuring usually is discussed with the business owner because business owners know their products better than anybody else.
  • Optimizing For High-Traffic Keywords. It may sound very logical. If the keyword is popular, that it's the way to go. It is true, but only if you have a website with a high traffic flow. In the case of a new project, doing this will lead to no results simply because you can't compete with 'valued' domains. The best way is to initially optimize for the long-tail keywords—less competition.
  • Technical Mistakes. You may question yourself what the technical side has to do with SEO? Direct. Search Engines are counting your technical side to give you an overall score. Using bad hosting, slow CMS, and a poorly designed website will tremendously lower your ranking.
  • Basic SEO Tags. Yes, it may sound silly, but 90% of website owners are not optimizing their content using Tags—H1, H2, H3, H4, IMG, ALT, etc. Without the Tags, the Search Engine does not understand how to read the content.
  • Too Many URLs. You've heard of Linkbuilding, correct? Some people think it's a panacea and spend way too much time building millions of links on each content. That's a big mistake. Search Engines won't Rank your website higher if you have outgoing links all over the place. Instead, it'll confuse the algorithm and won't Rank you to the Top.
  • Content Problems. For example, if your content does not reflect the main idea of your services or products, you won't see good results. Yet, good content must contain keywords that the page is ranking for. Often, the content is too complex, hard to read, has too much text, and does not relate to the audience.

What Affects The Speed Of Ranking?

seo mistakes to avoid
What Affects The Speed Of Ranking?

SEO is a very long-term process. It's taking years of consistent day-to-day work. We are getting many questions in terms of Ranking Speed. Well, the answer is the following - It all depends.

Some niches may take 1-2 months to Rank at the very top. Very few competitors and not a lot of traffic allows pages to Rank much quicker. Some niches take 6-8 months simply because there are too many competitors.

Meanwhile, there are chances of the human factor. If you don't follow SEO mistakes to avoid Ranking problems, your website won't guarantee success.

To make things easier, let's break down factors affecting the Speed of Ranking below:

  • The niche in which you are Ranking
  • Competition
  • The current state of the project & SEO
  • Project's volume
  • The speed of realization
  • SEO Budget


In conclusion, we hope that the factors above will help you understand and prevent problems in the future. By following our advice, the chances your project will rank at the very top is the highest. Make sure you are looking for SEO mistakes to avoid all the time.

Our team at Blue Bee Web has developed numerous SEO projects with Click-Through Rates (CTR) of over 20%. That is an immense number, considering an average market CTR of around 5-9%.

Our team will be happy to jump on your project and get it done with the highest quality possible.

Vlad Ivanco
CEO / Founder
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