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Restaurant Food Delivery

Restaurant Food Delivery is a service for customers to deliver their orders by their doors. At the same time, it's an opportunity for the restaurant business to offer a beneficial option for its customers to satisfy their needs, increase revenue, and improve retention.

In this article, you'll learn the importance of food delivery services for your business, what food delivery service is best for business and why, and how to get the most profit from using 3rd party food delivery services.

Keep reading this article to boost your business potential and make the right choice with food delivery services.

What Restaurant Food Delivery Solutions Better For Your Business
What Restaurant Food Delivery Solutions Better For Your Business

Don’t Register With Restaurant Food Delivery Services If You Can’t Integrate It With The Website Directly

Owning a restaurant business is always challenging. At the same time, you have to offer tons of services to customers and look for stable & reliable solutions to grow your business. One of the primary services & challenges is restaurant food delivery.

In most cases, restaurant business owners would go with the most effortless solution offered by 3rd party service providers, also known as storefronts. They provide a pre-built page with the custom domain name and abilities to list your menu on their platform so that people can buy using their page & the 3rd party delivers the food to your customers.

Well, that may seem to you like an option. However, what is the purpose of having your web page if you can’t offer food delivery options directly from your website during the checkout?

Let’s find out more about 3rd party food delivery solutions & how to benefit from them the right way.

Using 3rd Party Food Delivery Services With Side Domains Is Bad Practice

So, using a 3rd party food delivery service to avoid your website is not the best solution for your business. Why? If you are going with a 3rd part storefront, you increase your prices by 20 - 30% as a part of the agreement. Yet, you can avoid it and earn even more.

Another problem is that you are not using the website you’ve built for the restaurant as needed. The website you own must generate maximum revenue for your business. At the same time, it must work for your customers by giving them desired functionality.

Once a customer lands on your website, he’s willing to take full advantage of it. Instead, people are suffering from inconvenient user experiences. They don’t understand what they must do to purchase it from your website. Only advanced users realize that you are selling & delivering from 3rd party storefronts.

The result is pretty clear

As a result, you lose over 90% of potential customers willing to purchase online. Also, you are overwhelming yourself by letting those people call you or the restaurant & waste time over the phone. It also makes no sense for your current website to exist as a simple landing page. Make it usable.

Stop making people’s lives even more complicated. Instead, start making your restaurant website better & think about people’s convenience in the first place. It’ll pay off hundred of times.

Now, let’s find out how to take advantage of 3rd party food delivery services the right way, which is beneficial for your business and everybody else.

How To Get The Most Profits From 3rd Party Restaurant Food Delivery Services

First of all, you have to know about possible software integrations. Some advanced & well-known restaurant food delivery services offer more than just a storefront. They are giving an option to integrate their services into your project without sharing 20 to 30% of your profit.

How does it work? Once you register an account with them, they’ll give you an API integration code to insert into your website and connect with your checkout page if you have one.

How is it beneficial for your business?

You can give people an option to choose how they want the order to get delivered, the estimated time of delivery, and the food delivery price. All those features are integrated directly on your website, without visiting any 3rd party domains. Nice & easy. And there is no need to raise prices by 20 or 30% because you are hosting it on the website that belongs to you.

What are those services? Let’s find out what food delivery service is best for your business. By the time we write this article, we are aware of the following proven 3rd party food delivery providers that you can integrate into your website:

Projects our team has built so far are using those services daily, and we’ve spent months integrating them all and finding out how to incorporate them all directly into your website.

Follow Our Path To Stay Completely Independent & Efficient

Let’s sum up everything in this article. To stay successful in the restaurant business, you have to be flexible, offer easy-to-use solutions for your customers, and satisfy people with convenient service.

Try to avoid 3rd party storefronts. Always use your website at full scale and try selling online without letting people leave your web page. Use only those 3rd party services that you can integrate into your website directly.

Our team has built the solution for the restaurant industry where you can have your drivers and let them deliver food instead of using 3rd party providers. Just hire a driver, give them access to the mobile app and dispatch your orders directly to the driver you hired. It’s also possible to stay hybrid with 3rd party providers and your drivers simultaneously.

Make sure you follow our structure. We guarantee stable income and constant positive growth if you follow our path correctly.

Get in touch with Blue Bee Web today if you need help with your restaurant food delivery integrations & scaling your business to the next level.

Val Scerbacov
CEO / Founder

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