Advertising For A Restaurant

Advertising for a restaurant is essential for any restaurant business trying to scale up and get as many customers as possible.

One of the ways to advertise your restaurant is paid advertising. It's the most cost-effective, quick, and proven way of attaining new clients. In this article, you'll learn what paid advertising is, how it can benefit your business and the proper approach to succeeding.

Please keep reading to learn more about critical aspects of paid advertising for a restaurant business and how to get the most out of it.

Your Advertising For A Restaurant Business Is Underperforming

Paid Advertising for a Restaurant Business is only one of many other parts of Digital Marketing. Whether you are advertising a new restaurant business or an existing one, and your budget on Paid Advertising is not returning in sales, at least 300% more than investment, it's underperforming. These statistics are from over five years of work on multiple projects.

There are thousands of websites showing average CTR statistics of Paid Advertising for A Restaurant Business. If we'd like to list the exact sources, a dedicated page would be required. According to the comprehensive data from multiple sources, an average CTR (Click-Through-Rate) ranges from 0.9 to 2.5%.

It means that:

  • 2.5% out of 100 Ad views = only 2 or 3 actual clicks.
  • 2.5% out of 1000 Ad views = just 25 or 30 clicks.
Critical Aspects Of Paid Advertising For Restaurant Businesses
Critical Aspects Of Paid Advertising For Restaurant Businesses

Is An Average Paid Advertising Result Acceptable For Restaurant Businesses?

Do you consider average Paid Advertising is OK for your business? Despite your opinion, it's underperforming if you are getting average results.

The main question is, how many people out of that 2.5% will convert to actual customers? It's hard to say because it depends on many different factors, but practice shows that 1 or 2 out of 20 or 30 clicks will buy from you, best case scenario.

Answer yourself: are those sales from the Paid Advertising covering your spending?

How An Average Paid Advertising For A Restaurant Business Is Hurting ROI

Paid Advertising for a restaurant business includes CPC, meaning each click will cost you money even if it didn't convert any sales. So, how does it hurt your business?

The average cost per click in the Food Industry business with the Google Ads platform ranges from $1.7 to $10. We will set our Ad campaign for the lowest CPC of around $1.7 to $2.

  • Our daily budget is going to be about $50. 
  • Out your monthly Ad spending is $50 x 30 days = $1500.

How many clicks can you get for $50? With the campaign set up in our example, you will get not more than 25-27 clicks per day.

Based on our experience, we already know that out of 25 or 30 clicks, you get one or maybe two customers. An average spending per customer varies from $15 to $25, in some rare cases ~ $50.

jackie, advertising for a restaurant

With that said, you are breaking even, if not going lower. Yes, you might go over 10 to 20% above the spending amount in some cases, but this is nothing compared to what is possible to achieve with the same Ad budget.

Let's find out what it means to be above average and how it'll impact your food industry business to increase income, reputation, and efficiency.

The Blue Bee Web Standard Of A Good Paid Advertising

Blue Bee Web team believes that paid advertising for a restaurant business can, and therefore must, generate at least 500% in sales of the Ad spend. In other words, if you are paying $10 with Google Ads, you should generate at least $50 in sales.

It sounds unbelievable, but the price could be lower than an average CPC. Google AdWords offers many different strategies to build the Ad campaign, and if you make everything correctly, it's possible to bring the cost per click as low as $0.10 per click. How many clicks can you get for $1? At least 10 clicks.

Not some random clicks, but quality leads ready to buy from you right this second.

Instead of thousands of words, look at the screenshot below from one of our client's Google AdWords Analytics & compare it to Online sales from the website. For example, we'll be showing only the last couple of days of data.

Advertising For A Restaurant
Advertising For A Restaurant

Proper Approach To Succeed

Advertising your restaurant is a must. Our team is not looking for average results, cookie-cutter solutions, or other standard methods & techniques to get real success. Instead, we are always trying to be 10 steps ahead. We provide an individual approach by gaining insights into your location, customers, habits, & preferences. We develop well-thought strategies, in-depth research & a perfect understanding of Digital Marketing in your domain, making it all possible.

Monitoring users' behavior on your website gives us a clear understanding of making web projects even more profitable, adapting them for people's needs, & improving the experience. For Paid Advertising, website performance is crucial & helps lower cost per click.

Choosing the right strategy is our priority. Therefore, we are constantly improving the Ad campaign step-by-step, implementing only best-performing solutions proven with time and actual results—a so-called, Agile development method.

Results For Our Client

The best proof of everything above is one of our clients - Blue Water Taco. It's a tiny restaurant in Jupiter, Florida, serving authentic, homemade tacos. You can learn more about this case by following this link.

Our company, Blue Bee Web, maintains its online presence monthly by making sure its revenue is constantly increasing while serving the best Tacos in town.

There are many advertising ideas for a restaurant. Ready to get above-average results for your restaurant business? Contact us now!

Val Scerbacov
CEO / Founder
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