Payment Methods That Will Boost Your Online Store Sales

Val Scerbacov
CEO / Founder
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Payment Methods That Will Boost Your Online Store Sales

Restaurant Payment Methods & Solutions

People are using Restaurant Payment Methods to process orders at the restaurant. Exists two methods, offline & online. This article will talk about restaurant online payment systems and the best restaurant payment solutions that will help your business grow. You'll understand why it's essential to use online payment for your restaurant, the difference between them, and why you need an online payment solution.

Keep reading this article to fully understand this topic and make the right decision for your business.

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You Are Hurting Sales By Not Utilizing Online Restaurant Payment Methods

If you have a restaurant website but are not using integrated restaurant payment solutions, you lose sales every day. According to CreditCards websites statistics, online sales grew 21.3% in 2020 from 15.8% in 2019. This trend keeps growing year to year, and more people prefer online payment methods.

If you offer food on your restaurant website, it's logical to offer payment methods to increase website sales. Otherwise, how do you expect people to buy if there are no options to pay?

Therefore, we would love to share helpful information to give you a clear understanding of what restaurant payment systems exist and which is better for your business.

What Restaurant Online Payment Systems Exist

There are lots of payment systems available on the market. However, we are looking for the proper one that we can benefit from the most of using it. We are talking about those restaurant online payment systems that you could use at the restaurant locally and on your website simultaneously.

So, what payment systems exist? We have to answer this question first to understand what a successful restaurant business requires. There are only two of them:

  1. Card-Based Payments
  2. Electronic Payments and Remittances

Card-Based Payments

With card-based payment, you can charge people's debit or credit cards at your location with a physical POS terminal.

Electronic Payments and Remittances

With electronic payment systems, you can charge customers' debit or credit cards the same and integrate the system directly into your website. You can simultaneously have a physical POS terminal and virtual payment gateway connected to your restaurant website.

You may question us, but what are those services that offer both? Well, based on our experience, we can name some of them that we worked with and proved their reliability:

Possible exist more than those three, but we are trying to give you proven solutions, so here are they, since we've established them in action.

Why Online Payment For A Restaurant Is Vital

In short, with online electronic restaurant payment methods, you are getting the following benefits:

  • Increasing online sales by at least 80%
  • Customers’ satisfaction
  • Customer retention
  • Brand recognition
  • Additional functionality
  • Scalability

As mentioned above, online restaurant payment methods are vital for your business because they allow you to sell products online. There is no reason to get signed up with banks for the physical payment terminals only, even if they tell you they can offer you electronic payments.

You don't want to spend thousands of dollars for the developers to connect a personal bank payment processor to the website when you can get a working 3rd party solution without a headache.

Start Using Electronic Restaurant Payment Solutions

It would be best if you didn't go with electronic payment solutions provided by a personal bank because it's very complex to integrate them into your website. 

Try to understand that proper restaurant payment solutions will increase your sales by over 80%. At the same time, it'll give your restaurant more credibility and help you retain your customers.

Read our post regarding proven ways for restaurant customer retention. It'll give you a better understanding of why you must provide online sales for your customers.

Start using online electronic payment solutions for your restaurant website today. Sign up with 2 or 3 providers at once for backup purposes, but don't overpay for two different payment methods, and don't leave your customers without an option to buy from your website.

Follow Our Path To Successfully Sell Online

We give you the information based exclusively on our team's experience working with real projects and maintaining them daily. Our main goal is to help grow your business and achieve great results.

One of the clients we are supporting is following our suggestions & happy with the results because it proves itself on the revenue. Learn more about their case here.

Need help with your restaurant payment methods? Contact us today! We'll be happy to help you.

Val Scerbacov
CEO / Founder
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