How to boost leads with digital marketing for small businesses

Digital marketing for small businesses is essential in the 2020s. Learn how your business can benefit and grow from the latest digital marketing strategies.
Digital Marketing
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Vlad Ivanco
CEO / Founder
How to boost leads with digital marketing for small businesses
digital marketing for small businesses

Why is digital marketing important for business?

What your marketing efforts can do if you ignore your target audience & potential customers in all digital channels? Nothing good. Your competitors will grow their business online and essentially kick you out of business.

Online marketing is essential nowadays, and you need to attract online users to convert them into more customers with the right digital marketing strategies. The benefits of digital marketing are clear & it overperforms traditional marketing in the following:

  • Growth of brand reputation
  • Brand recognition
  • Quality of leads
  • Attracting target customers
  • Encouraging existing customers to buy again.

But to get these results, you need to have good digital marketing skills. Proper digital marketing strategy for small businesses includes such digital marketing tools & techniques as:

  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Local search engine optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Email marketing
  • Online Ads / Paid Ads
  • Online reviews
  • and other.


What digital marketing strategies can help your small business?

The following list is not mandatory for your small business. Yet, to get the maximum results from your digital marketing for small businesses, consider combining some of the following online marketing strategies.

Social Media Marketing

social media, facebook, twitter, digital marketing for small businesses

All people talk on social media, but in fact, there is a challenge for small business owners to integrate social media marketing into a business strategy. The kind of social media and its use depends on the business.

In many companies, sales and breaking news are critical components in achieving success on social media.

Some businesses use social media to tell clients about special deals and new dishes that are available to them on the restaurant's menu. Social media has become incredibly useful for generating small business leads.

Use your social media presence to meet a global audience with your products and services. Offer them valuable content and filter out the target audience.

Local search marketing

maps, google maps, navigation, digital marketing for small businesses

Location-based Marketing integrates web optimization for search results as well as the integration of search engine maps. This is especially true with Google, where your business may have maps and address details to help prospective customers find you easier.

Email Marketing

email, newsletter, email marketing, digital marketing for small businesses

In essence - i.e., Email Marketing - is primarily a way of advertising services or products online—by emailing, updating, or other marketing materials. Your email list contains people interested in your business. Maybe there was some update to a particular product or coupon, any useful freebie like PDF to sign up for. As the list grows, the value of these people's credentials increases.

So basically, you keep in touch with your target audience, who are now more hot leads. There are 2 email marketing campaigns: a sales campaign and nurturing campaign.

While it's clear what a sales campaign does, the nurturing campaign's primary goal is to make your prospective customers remember you. Once they are ready to buy, they most likely remember your business brand name and open the latest email from your brand.

Email digital marketing increases your chances to sell, upsell and cross-sell your potential customers.

Content Marketing

webflow, blogging, blogger, digital marketing for small businesses

This strategy is focused primarily on offering potential customers more information about your products and services. Each small business wants to make a sale, but the people who inform online are the most likely to sell online.

Business owners can show their business's expertise and create consumer confidence. Content marketing is typically executed via blogs, e-books, brochures, and guidebooks. This successful digital marketing strategy focuses on producing relevant and useful websites to attract customers to your site. It's possible due to search engines that provide a compelling and informative message to filter & create qualified leads.

Use content marketing strategy when it's needed to create brand awareness, increase brand loyalty and educate your prospective customers.

Check out also the list of specific home inspection website content marketing benefits.

Search engine marketing

ppc, marketing, click, digital marketing for small businesses

Search engine marketing allows small businesses to better compete with more prominent companies by boosting search rankings on search engines. When people search online or locally, your company must place high in the search results for the terms related to what they are selling.

The difference between Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

SEM is about businesses paying Google to show ads, and SEO is about generating organic traffic for free.

Digital marketing Important questions

Do small local businesses need digital marketing?

Absolutely. Here is some business that can benefit the most from local search engine optimization:

  • Medical services
  • Law offices
  • Restaurants & bars
  • Plumbers
  • Pet services
  • Real Estate

How do small businesses does digital marketing?

Digital marketing offers such a wide range of online marketing strategies that it's almost impossible for small businesses to get the maximum. We advise you to request a free digital marketing & website review. We will help you figure out the best approach for your small business digital marketing. We would also be able to answer your top questions and bring you the estimated price for that kind of service.

How much does digital marketing cost for small business?

It's not a simple question. Long story short, the average minimum price quote on digital marketing for a small business starts at $1000 a month and usually includes some kind of SEO, social media posts, and blog content marketing.

What are the 3 most important things in digital marketing?

We, Blue Bee Web, see the most important things in digital marketing as the following:

  • organic search
  • content marketing
  • lead nurturing


Vlad Ivanco
CEO / Founder

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