Get More Leads & Sales With B2B Web Agency Services

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Get More Leads & Sales With B2B Web Agency Services

Learn About B2B Web Agency Services

If you are running a business these days, it most likely requires web design services. Why? Because people use the internet regularly, this is how clients can find your products or services.

Web design services help your business scale up, attract more customers, increase brand awareness, and improve your ROI.

Another crucial factor of web design services is that it saves you time and money.

Indeed, web design is very time-consuming. Mistakes in this process can cost you a ton of money because they lead to wrong results, hurting your ranking, improper perception of your products or services, and losing sales.

This article will give you a better understanding of web design services and how it saves your time and money.

Web design itself is a vast category consisting of multiple parts. That's why we divide it into different classes. Keep reading to learn more about the web design services we offer.

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All About B2B Professional Web design Services

Web Design Services

The services below are parts of web design. However, each service is unique because it reflects a separate and individual task dedicated to delivering different results, and it's different from each other.

For instance, responsive website design has nothing to do with web server maintenance, even though it's a part of web design. People with different specialties are in charge of each service.

For example, the  project will require HTML, CSS, PHP, Javascript, and web design specialists. For the Web Server Maintenance project - a specialist in Linux operating system, a Cloud Computing specialist, and a network administrator will be required.

As you can see, it's still a part of web design, but different approaches and specialties are involved.

Blue Bee Web team has the most responsible and qualified team of developers to cover all the services listed below.

We want to show you our approach to web design services so that you can feel and realize the amount of work and love our team puts into each project.

Our Web Design Services Approach

Because we treat your project as our own, carefully maintaining each part of the web design process day by day, it's vital to break it down into meaningful bullet points.

  1. Planning
  2. Obtaining a domain name
  3. Creating a visual wireframe
  4. Designing a complete website
  5. Preparing web host
  6. Choosing CMS
  7. Front-end web development
  8. Back-end web development
  9. Testing
  10. Launch
  11. Refining & constant efficiency increase

Let's begin learning about the professional web design approach.

1. Planning

Each web design project starts with planning. Our team is getting all the aspects discussed with you to understand the project's final goal and schedule the project timeline with all phases included.

2. Obtaining a domain name

If you don't have a domain name, our team will help you with suggestions for proper registration. We use Google Domains. It's safe, reliable, easy to use & manage. It also perfectly integrates with the Google ecosystem, especially corporate email and G-Suite.

3. Creating a visual wireframe

A visual wireframe is a crucial step in building any web project. Whether it's going to be a business website, eCommerce site, custom web project, or any other project related to visuals, it must be a wireframe first.

It's a simple visual schematic showing where each element will take its place and how the layout will look before the final design.

Creating a visual wireframe takes way less time than the final website design, saving time and money. With the visual wireframe, you can instantly change the layout and object positions, and only after you agree to the schematic we start building the actual web design.

4. Designing a complete website

Once the visual wireframe is complete, time to design. Our designers can see the actual schematic, giving them the feel and understanding of a final design from the start.

The primary purpose of visual website design is to make it essay to use & reflect your visual brand identity in a modern way.

We always strive to avoid heavily loaded designs, making them as simple as possible. It also plays a good role in Page Speed, essential for a successful web project.

5. Preparing web host

Most companies prefer the most accessible way of renting a virtual host and using the machine as a web host. Our team is the opposite. We are so passionate about security and speed optimization that we build our own web hosting.

You might think it's the same thing, but it's not that simple.

We built a multi-host machine from the ground up and adjusted it to fit all the projects we are working on with dedicated resources, PHP versions, and security settings.

We use LiteSpeed Enterprise technologies to host web projects on top of Linux Debian, one of the most secure and stable Linux distributives. An individual approach gives web projects the fastest speed and the best optimization.

6. Choosing CMS

Many CMS platforms exist, such as Webflow CMS, Wix, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Presta Shop, WordPress etc.


For most of small and-mid-sized companies, Webflow is a perfect solution to start scaling up their business online.


For custom web development we choose WordPress. It's popular, robust, and have the significant community with many plugins & flexibility.

7. Front-end web development

Since we have accomplished the web design part and installed our CMS on the fastest and most secure web server, it's time to implement the front-end. Front-end web development usually uses HTML, CSS, JQuery, JS, ReactJS, or AngularJS. It's responsible for the look and feel of the front page of your website.

8. Back-end web development

Back-end web development is crucial to making your website functional. All the processes, requests, and settings are on the back of the web project. WordPress uses PHP, JavaScript, and SQL databases. We use MariaDB as the primary database server.

9. Testing

Every project must go through the testing procedure to ensure everything functions correctly before the final launch. Our team has a testing department dedicated to performing tests before and after the project is launched to find bugs and fix them immediately.

10. Launch!

Finally, it's time to launch the web project. It's a long way until you can launch the professional project, but it's worth the time and investment if you are building a great business & brand.

11. Refining & constant efficiency increase

Technologies are constantly changing. The software is updating daily; therefore, you must be on top of everything and keep up with all the security updates.

Besides that, it's always room for improvement. Adding new features and functionality is a big thing for users. You increase the customers' retention and add more value to your brand.

Our team is constantly refining existing projects by adding new features and keeping up with the security updates.

Developing Web Solutions For Industries

Blue Bee Web serves various clients in different industries, meaning that our developers meet and solve new challenges to ensure every client in every industry is getting the best results.

For instance, we helped the food industry with custom eCommerce to ensure complete satisfaction for business owners and clients.

Integrating missing functionality into the checkout process helps businesses increase their conversion rate, improving customer experience and ROI.

Our primary goal is lead generation. We understand that the essential part of any industry business is attracting clients. Therefore, our web design solutions focus on generating traffic and leads.

Get Your Web Design Solutions With Blue Bee Web

We know how hard you try to get your business running, and Blue Bee Web is not an exception. We've gathered all our knowledge, techniques, and skills into solutions with best practices to deliver actual results.

Contact us today, schedule a free consultation and let professionals take care of your digital presence. At the same time, you can concentrate on the most critical parts of your business, making it even better.


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Val Scerbacov
CEO / Founder
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