Online Store & Digital Marketing for Auto Electronics Repair

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December 20, 2022
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Online Store & Digital Marketing for Auto Electronics Repair
Automotive eCommerce Website. Selling Services & Physical Products For ECU Team Corp. Project Description.

Automotive eCommerce Website

An Automotive eCommerce Website is a page for the automotive business with abilities to purchase products and services online, directly from the website.

eCommerce website for the automotive industry requires the exact understanding of the niche and proper approach to representing ideas for the audience, so people can easily understand and use the website.

In this article, you'll learn how our team Blue Bee Web, delivered the automotive eCommerce website with functionality and professional digital marketing.


ECU Team Corp - Automotive Computers Supplier based in Palm Beach, Florida, opened in 2017. Automotive eCommerce Website With Services & Physical Products To Purchase Online.

Automotive eCommerce Website

Starting as a small automotive electronics repair shop, ECU Team couldn't sell physical products due to a missing website, brand recognition, and budgetary situation. Offering repairing services primarily, it was hard to switch to Online product sales.

However, the main goal was to become the #1 supplier in the Remanufacturing Automotive Electronics industry, and the motivation to do that was more than enough.


Back in 2017, our client didn't even have a brand face. Our team had to develop an idea that would catch people's eye, become easy to remember and be associated with what the company is doing. Here's the result.

Automotive eCommerce Website

The logo itself is symbols, such as "E," "C," and "U." Turn your imagination On to see it.

More importantly, it must contain unique things related to what the company is doing. The logo represents an electronics schematic that includes a "resistor" and "capacitor." These elements should be clear just for the target prospects of our client. So now people can easily differentiate This logo mark from hundreds of others.

More than that, this Brand Identity project fits everything:

  • something like a website
  • merchandise
  • documents
  • packaging.

In-Depth Analytics

Two essential things for success:

  • Find the best ways to penetrate the market with Google AdWords.
  • Find the best route for building a website that simultaneously offers services and physical products for sale.

Using Google Analytics, we found out the relevance of keywords related to our client's business. Things like:

  • keyword price per click
  • the number of monthly searches
  • related synonyms
  • market competition
  • and user preferences

The above factors let us build a high-performing Google AdWords Campaign with outstanding results without wasting too much money on Ads. Luckily, the price per click for most of the keywords was in an acceptable range, between $2-7 per click.

ECU Team Corp provides services for multiple automotive brands. Meaning advertising requires many categories for each brand our client is providing. To save the budget, we decided to choose only 2-3 brands to start with PPC/Advertising Campaign.

Website Development Quest

The hardest part was understanding how to manage both options in one package.

Just imagine selling physical products online and selling repair or diagnostic services as mail-in services and selling both types of opportunities on one website, without products interfering with each other and customers whom first time land on the page not being lost.

Why not simply create two websites, one for physician products, another for services, and that is it?

The Critical Thing To Consider

Building 2 different Automotive eCommerce Websites means paying twice as much for the server where the websites are hosting, spending 2x time to make the project, twice as much to maintain the project, and risk of hacker attacks which will cause the shutdown of both resources.

It is also time-consuming to manage Search Engine Optimization (SEO) because we must maintain more content. So, it is not worth it in our situation.

So, based on the factors above, we decided to go with the one-website solution. A unique, easy-to-navigate, and filter everything you need E-Commerce for the Automotive Industry.

Website Requirements

Since we have an idea about the analytics and have decided the exact route, let's list the requirements for the project website development. It'll be easier to see the spectrum of everything required for the Automotive eCommerce Website.

  • WordPress E-Commerce Website that sells offline services & physical products.
  • Custom WordPress Scripting to add non-existing functional to WooCommerce (Online Store Plugin for WordPress.)
  • Split the E-Commerce into two independent stores inside of one project.
  • Add custom checkout process for the Services and the Physical Products.
  • Add custom options to each product individually for the custom checkout process.
  • Integrate multiple Online Payments methods with card processors.
  • Integrate Google Analytics to understand the website's performance.
  • Integrate Social Media connection for seamless product updates.
  • Mailing Server Setup for sending newsletters to all the customers subscribed.
  • Easy to navigate and easy-to-understand Website Design.
  • Easy to sort products online by multiple factors capabilities.
  • Easy to manage products on the backend.

The website server must be able to handle traffic and oversized loads. A scalable E-Commerce store requires a quick and easy space increase: secure network infrastructure and protection from attacks.

Solution Description

A custom solution must make the entire infrastructure scalable and secure. You don't want to rely on cookie-cutter solutions here. When building a complex Online project, it has to be as scalable as possible.

Complete control of the server machine and management of the entire website guarantees success. Each part of the project is manageable and scalable, giving more abilities and room to develop any customer requirement.

We always use the most secure and robust operating system for server management - GNU/Linux and Debian distribution.

WordPress Content Management System/CMS

WordPress is the most convenient CMS Website solution allowing us to build any project you can have in mind.

E-Commerce Development using WordPress CMS is a way to go because we can build custom functionality on top of ready-to-go Online Store capabilities.

To split the E-Commerce into selling physical products and services simultaneously, we have made a custom code that excludes categories from the root of the Online Store, allowing us to place excluded items anywhere else. Excluded categories have separate settings and rules to list and purchase products or services.


Building the Automotive eCommerce Website with WordPress lets us integrate any 3rd party application. One of them is Google Analytics. We can track every action on the website if needed, gathering statistics that help us improve conversion rate and user experience.

The Admin Panel helps employees track the statistics and check every order. As well as manage all the existing pages with content on them.

Managing From 40 To 150 Customers Per Day

The killing feature is Automation. Workflow Automation allowed us to optimize the routine job and save so much time that the performance rate increased by 170%, allowing us to process over 150 customers a day before the website employee was limited with time and could perform with a maximum of 40 customers a day.


As a result, we boosted companies' revenue brand awareness and increased workflow efficiency. In less than three years, the company scaled up and represented a professional approach to a larger audience. It keeps showing positive results by attracting more clients day by day.

Combining everything the Blue Bee Web Team applied for our client proves a deep understanding and professional approach to our client and anything we do.


What does it all together mean to you? An automotive eCommerce Website saves a tremendous amount of time and money, allowing you to stay focused ON your company, not IN your company.

Healthy sleep and feel secure about the project's data and stability.

We'll be happy to get in discussion with a similar project realization. Professional, hassle-free, and stable E-Commerce solution guaranteed!

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