Attract More Customers With a 5-Step Brand Strategy Template

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Attract More Customers With a 5-Step Brand Strategy Template

If you are new to this, the definition of brand strategy is the exact plan of action to achieve long-term goals that result in proper further steps to gain recognition and build loyal fans.

You can read more about what is a brand strategy here.

To answer the question - of how to develop a brand strategy, let's focus on how to perform an actionable brand roadmap following the proper template for brand strategy.

5-Step Template For Brand Strategy Development. Try It Wise, Yourself. Download A Free PDF Guide, brand strategy template, how to do a brand strategy
5-Step Template For Brand Strategy Development. Try It Wise, Yourself.

5-Step Template For Brand Strategy Development

  1. Defining A Brand Mission, Vision & Goals
  2. Developing A Brand Personality
  3. Research & Define Target Audience
  4. Exploring Brand, Market & Opportunity Gaps
  5. Building an Action Plan

1. Defining A Brand Mission, Vision & Goals

The 1st step is to make all your other business decisions - conscious & purposeful, where generating revenue is not a goal but an inevitable consequence.

We will answer your so-called "why, what, and how" questions.

Brand Strategy Golden Circle - by Blue Bee Web, 5 Steps Template For Brand Strategy Development. Try It Wise, Yourself. Download A Free PDF Guide, brand strategy template, how to do a brand strategy
"The core for identifying your purpose for what you want to do in business" -

Brand Purpose Statement - the "WHY"

Leadership expert - Simon Sinek, in a TED Talk, said, "People don't buy what you do; they buy why you do it."

Our team feels more comfortable giving you an example of our template for brand strategy, so we'll be giving you our brand as an example.

We strive to help businesses succeed since it’s the only form of human collaboration to change the world efficiently and remain beneficial to everybody.

Blue Bee Web brand purpose statement example

Brand Mission Statement - the "WHAT"

It answers the following questions:

  • How do you see your brand in the future?
  • What is the result of your vision?
  • What does your brand want to accomplish for the people around you?

We are reliable partners for businesses trying to bring something better to this world, guiding our clients to overpass most brand & digital challenges using our deep knowledge and expertise.

We deliver meaningful Brand Development, well-thought Digital Marketing, and professional Web Development as a complete All-In-One solution.

Blue Bee Web brand mission statement example

Brand Vision Statement - the "HOW"

How are you going to accomplish your brand goal? How are you going to embody all your purpose and passion?

We guide our clients in the right direction & provide the proper tool-set to shape the best dialog between their brands and customers. We are helping exclusively those who fit our criteria of goodness to society.

Blue Bee Web brand vision statement example

Business Goals

While your brand vision, mission, & purpose are well defined, it's time to adjust your business goals. The first task is to determine your results by having the right mindset and brand personality.

Business Goals table - by Blue Bee Web, business goals, brand strategy business goals
Adjust your business goals with a brand vision, mission & purpose mindset.

2. Developing A Brand Personality

Keep in mind that now we are describing your brand, not business; the difference is that we are representing your brand as if it would be a person with a specific character.

Brand Words & Brand Identity Board

To build a template for brand strategy, let's begin describing your brand with the right words and phrases. Treat the image below as homework and fill it out with your ideas to better understand your brand.

Brand Words Table - by Blue Bee Web
Describe your brand with words that fit the categories on the image.

Let's also use images and visual ways to describe your brand.

Identity Board Illustration - by Blue Bee Web
Identity Board Illustration - by Blue Bee Web

Brand Personality Sliders

This exercise uses words and imagery gathered previously to track your brand development in progress. In the image below, you can find two circles. White & yellow. Place the white one where you feel your business is today and the yellow one where you wish to be in the future. It's critical to keep developing a template for brand strategy.

Brand Personality Sliders Illustration - by Blue Bee Web
Describe your brand today vs. what you wish it to be with brand personality slides.

We need to say that there are many more instruments to define your brand as a person. Yet, the exercises listed above are essential to the process and the easiest to understand.

3. Research & Define Target Audience

The result of this step will be the actual image of our brand in the eyes of our current customers.

If you feel that your audience is "for everyone" and your products suit the same group, you do nothing for nobody.

You need to define your niche very precisely. It's your best competitive advantage. Take into consideration your brand & business development goals. 

Firstly you need to find minor groups of people among your current customers. This minimal viable audience should relate to your brand vision, mission & statement. 

Then we're going to develop target groups based on the following questions:

  • What does our current customer look like?
  • What do we know about them?
  • What are some critical characteristics?
  • What do they need & want?
Define the target audience and customer - table by Blue Bee Web
Develop target audience & customers groups today and who you wish them to be.

The Target Table allows us to perform the actual customer research based on our developed target groups.

4. Exploring Gaps & Defining Your Brand Strategy Positioning

We already have a clear image of our brand and data of our current and ideal customers. We need to match them by eliminating potential gaps and developing a proper brand strategy positioning.

Brand Strategy Positioning Illustration - by Blue Bee Web
Brand positioning is the match of your brand identity and brand image.

Exploring Brand & Opportunity Gaps

Brand gap: How your brand sees itself with how your customer perceives you.

Opportunity gap: What does your brand offer with what customers need.

The exercise you do to identify any brand & opportunity gaps are the following:

  1. Write down all possible activities & tasks your ideal customers do to fulfill their needs. 
  2. Discover any possible gaps your brand has and write down how you could fill them.

Exploring Market Gaps

Market gap: How can you differentiate your brand on the market against your competitors.

Determine the market gaps by running a competitive analysis. As a result, you will find the best ways to differentiate your brand from your competition.

Developing The Right Positioning

Positioning is what your audience thinks, feels & knows about your brand when they have a need that you can cover. A perfect positioning eliminates the price factor from your ideal customer decision process. Another advantage of the correct positioning is that your customers become your loyal fans and promote your brand, like Tesla, Apple & Google.

The proper positioning will make low price offer irrelevant.

Anneli Hansson.

A positioning statement contains the following:

  • The ideal customer
  • The brand
  • The brand offer & benefits

We dedicate to sustainable businesses ready for the next big step in expanding their brand to a larger audience. Blue Bee Web is an All-In-One solution containing Branding, Digital Marketing & Web Development. It allows businesses to shape strong & honest relationships between brands & their audience, establishing stable ROI.

Blue Bee Web positioning statement example:

5. Developing The Action Plan

At this point, you gathered a lot of information about your brand, customers, and competition. But without having it all summed up in an actionable roadmap, it all will be a waste of time & money.

The proper brand strategy action plan must contain the following:

  • The most critical essential findings summarize in clear statements. The purpose is to incite any brand design, marketing & development actions in the future.
  • List activities already defined to deliver your brand from point A to B.

To The Next Level With Blue Bee Web

We understand that the process of building a great company & brand is challenging. However, we mastered it to the point where you can rely on our expertise. Our team will be happy to take this part of the process on us and exceed your expectations.

Prepare yourself for the excellent brand strategy session & read how to perform a proper brand strategy audit.

Contact us and get a free brand strategy audit if you feel ready to start brand strategy.

Your brand is in your hands. Let's bring it to the next level of customer relationships & ROI.


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Vlad Ivanco
CEO / Founder
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