get leads from my website

Here are the real reasons your website probably is not bringing all the leads it can

  1. Visitors don't understand your main message and leave after 5 seconds.
  2. Your audience hardly finds your website on Google. So you are loosing clients.
  3. Visitors don't get enough valuable and essential content and don't convert.

Make these 5 changes on your website, and you will learn how to increase leads from your website.

1. Clear & simple page copy

The website's purpose is not what it was 5-10 years ago. It's not a place for information about the company. Today your website is a great lead & sales machine. But it's often impossible due to the frustrating content of website pages.

Use clear & point titles

Make your titles 60 characters as maximum. In fact, you want to instantly grab an internet user's attention. You must understand that pages and their titles appear not only on the website. Google search results, Twitter, Facebook, and many other traffic sources limit title length. If you ignore it, people will not be able to read your title.

Write short & simple paragraphs.

Respect your website visitors' time. According to Contentsquare's 2021 Digital Experience Benchmark report, the average time on a website page across all industries is 54 seconds.

Don't use professional terminology. Your language is not the way you show your expertise. Say that you understand your customer's pain and make sure you can help, using clear language.

Think twice about each word on your page. 95% of website visitors never come back. You don't have time to discuss your business's uniqueness and expertise. Focus your words on explaining how you can help your visitors. Forget about yourself and help your customers, or you risk being forgotten forever within a minute.

2. Strong & evident call to actions

Clearly ask for the sale

Don't be shy, don't be intelligent or pleasant. When people want to buy, they want to know how they can get it from you. Help your hot leads be converted right on the spot.

Examples of direct call to action buttons:

  • Book a Call
  • Buy Now
  • Get a Quote
  • Add to Cart
  • Get a Free Trial
  • Download Playbook

Put call to action button in the top right corner in the navigation

Whether it's a phone number and email, a link to a cart, a file to download, or a call to book - make it prominent and visible all time your visitors see their screen.

Lead your visitors to your main revenue stream

Imagine you have to sell to a person for just one minute. Indeed you would focus on the leading product/service you provide. That's precisely the case with your website. It doesn't mean you should not list all your product or services, but the overall call to action should be the primary revenue stream.

3. Let visitors know how their life will be better with your products

Talk about internal needs, not external.

People don't buy insurance to save money but to feel safe when an accident happens. People don't buy car tires to have better traction and less tire wear, but to feel more control and safety. Starbucks does not sell you a coffee. They sell you the experience of friendly talks, chilling, and being on the top. It's all about what people have on their hearts, not minds.

Show clients success visually

That's the fastest way you can convey the benefits of your products. Your brain can process an image for just 13 milliseconds! But sometimes, it's hard to find images for your niche. For that case, start with smiling and welcoming people.

Remember that your main focus is not showing your customers using your product but how their life changed. Will they have more freedom? Will they be happy? Show it to your visitors.

4. Break your website into pages each for service or product

Use the approach: 1 page = 1 message = 1 pain = 1 solution. The more going on in your business you have, the more bite-sized your pages should be. The attention of your website visitor is pretty weak. Remember that 1 minute is what you have to answer their need; it's just impossible to smash them with everything you have.

Small, 1-message pages will help your customers quickly find the solution to their questions. And once they see you can help them, they will be interested in others products or services you have.

This approach is also the one and only way for Google to understand what you offer and show you to the interested audience. Which means that you are starting to get more and more traffic to your website with potential leads.

5. Your website content should tell a simple & clear story

Many businesses hope to engage their future customers by showing them how the company is good and its excellent products. But it just doesn't work. The story they tell is not captivating. It's not about customers.

Stories easily capture their attention. But only those where they are heroes of their lives. They dream and struggle on the way to the greatness of their life. Your role in that story is whether to help them or be forgotten.

The best way to present yourself, show your value and get trust is to put your customers on a pedestal. Encourage them by the messaging and inspire them by how their life will look like with your products or services. Be their guide and help them solve their problems or achieve dreams.

The 5th way is the best combination of the 4 previous points. But it's the hardest one. You definitely will increase your traffic and leads with the first 4. Still, the best results come from making your website a simple, clear, compelling story.

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