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$3.2M+ generated

for our clients combined over
the last 2 years

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step #1

keyword research & Ad forecast

You need a campaign that generates more relevant clicks for less money, drives the exact audience and leads.

  • The CTR should be 3% and above.
  • And only an interested audience can generate CTR over 10%.

After you start advertising, the number of Ad impressions and Clicks will determine your click-through rate.

It’s not so hard, so even you can set up a proper Google Ads campaign 😎 !

For example, our client - Blue Water Taco Ads, performs at 37% CTR monthly on average.

step #2

Ad campaign Setup to target exact audience

For Restaurants, Display Ads and Search Campaigns are the way to go when you need the fastest ROAs.

But you need to follow 2 rules:

  • Use the best-quality pictures and videos you can make.
  • Balance your initial Ad budget, Ad quality, and daily Ad spending. Try to stay under $50 a day.

Maintain these 2 campaign types, and you’ll not waste a penny and get the widest Ad reach possible for the lowest Ad budget.

step #3

Creating relevant landing page

Paid Ads are just a part of the game. When people click on your Ad, they must land on a page with your product.

It means you need an Online store that can sell your products to your local customers through the website directly.

Make it easy for people to choose and add products to the cart, and also pay online without leaving the website to any other 3rd party platforms.

It’ll help you generate at least 300% of your Ad investment day-to-day.

step #4

Ad launch & Conversion optimization

And the last little detail of the formula is the actual checkout process.
The easier it is - the higher the conversion rate.

So, don’t use 3rd party food ordering services, ever!

Ensure you host your Online store with existing CMS systems, such as:

  • WordPress + WooCommerce
  • Webflow + Webflow Store Extensions

This way, you have complete control over user experience and sales and will not pay any 3rd party overpriced fees.

Follow our formula, and daily sales are guaranteed.


in online sales


total Ad spend


conversion rate


new clients

They have developed an eCommerce website, Google Ads campaign, Social Media presence & most importantly, were able to connect our unique services & product to the interested audience. We tried many other PPC agencies before, but working with Blue Bee Web for 3 years made a huge difference in terms of ROI. Thank you! Highly recommended!



$3.2M+ generated

for our clients combined over
the last 2 years

help your business make real online sales

make $7-15K+/monthly by promoting
your business online

One of our clients - Blue Water Taco, let us share their data. They’ve spent with Google Ads $31,888 since Dec. 2020 as of today. We were able to generate them


in online sales




conversion rate



We’ve been most impressed with Blue Bee Web, Inc’s communication skills — they’re very responsive and communicative.



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