The Game Changer Restaurant Online Store for Blue Water Taco

Restaurant eCommerce Website Solution by Blue Bee Web. Professional Online Store For The Food Industry. Order Food & Track Online.
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Val Scerbacov
CEO / Founder
The Game Changer Restaurant Online Store for Blue Water Taco

Restaurant eCommerce

A restaurant eCommerce website is a solution for any successful restaurant brand. It allows people to place online orders directly from the website and get them delivered by the door.

This article will learn more about the profitable restaurant eCommerce solution our team Blue Bee Web has successfully developed for one of our clients. You'll find a detailed description of the customer's restaurant eCommerce website, how we achieved positive results, and what the client got in the end.

Project Introduction

Restaurant eCommerce Website for Blue Water Taco. It's a Taco restaurant located in Jupiter, Florida, opened in 2018.

They serve authentic food, in-house-made tacos, and quesadillas. No lie, it's the best Taco I've tried.

restaurant e-commerce website

Initially, the restaurant was serving offline only, where you stop by, order fantastic Mexican food and enjoy it at a charming place by sitting outside on the terrace.

The restaurant did have a web page, but it was a simple, boring, static website with some location information, contacts, and a menu picture. If anybody wanted to order something, they had to call in, wait in line, and call back if not answered, so they wasted much time.

As well as the employee who had to answer all the calls, potentially make mistakes, create a terrible customer experience in some cases, and lower the potential of the business to sell more. Because each phone call takes time, limiting the company from others who need your product right now and are unwilling to wait.

If you have ever been in a restaurant business or own one, you know what I'm trying to explain here.

Problems Discovery

By digging deeper into the analytics provided by Google, I found an opportunity right away.

Looking at the number of requests for 2021 on the keyword "order taco online," I noticed that the total amount equals 170,000,000 in the United States, including all the states. This number is telling me that it's potential there.

Since the restaurant is in Jupiter, Florida, there is no reason to rely on the whole number of searches because sales will be about 10-15 miles around the location. Luckily Jupiter city is small enough, and the amount of people living there is approximately 65.000.

How do we get many sales out of such a small amount of people? The search amount must be below as well in that area. Guess what? The number of searches in this tiny city is about 1.5 million!

It means that keywords related to ordering food online are hotter than expected. Just imagine, the company was missing all those opportunities for many years.

Solution Description

restaurant e-commerce checkout

Once I discovered the marketing gap, the solutions came up right away.

Build a professional restaurant eCommerce website with capabilities to purchase the product right away and process the transaction via the website without including 3rd party solutions, such as ToastTub. I'm not saying anything wrong about ToastTab. It's a very nice tool. However, people don't like doing many actions to order Taco for $5.

It's not worth the time and hassle for the end-user. Much easier to find another page with an easy-to-understand design, navigation process, and checkout.

The critical factor here is the payment processing experience. Blue Bee Web Team made the entire experience flawless. The product purchasing experience has never been more effortless.

From eCommerce website mockup to complete functional realization has been performed within a month. For real success, just the website is not enough. What is the point of a perfect Online Store if nobody knows about it? Here comes another factor of sales increase, Digital Marketing.


restaurant e-commerce website

Yes, it is almost impossible our days to sell products online without having a decent Online presence.

With that said, we have built a professional Digital Marketing campaign with:

  • Google
  • Social Media (Facebook and Instagram Ads).

The truth is that our team made the Advertising campaign for Blue Water Taco almost eight months before the website even was planned.

PPC (Pay Per Click with Google Ads) and Social Media practice, PPC performs 80% better than Social Media. Our click-through rate is averaging 22% for the entire period of advertising. An average CTR in this industry is 7%. The restaurant was getting at least a 10% increase each month from December 2021, when we started working with them.

The complete restaurant eCommerce website was released on August 5th, 2021, and generated over $10+ in 3 months.

That is only local Online sales via the website to understand. There are no delivery options and don't forget that only 65.000 people live in that area. People can easily purchase the product and get notified when and where to pick it up, so sales will boost with absolutely no hassle.

We have made sure that the restaurant's staff is getting notified on time with the detailed message of the order. And the sweaty part about this whole process is that the payment goes into the company's bank account at the lowest rate. There is no need to pay 3rd parties crazy fees for monthly payment services.


What it all together does?

It saves a tremendous amount of time and money, allowing you to stay focused ON your company, not IN your company.

Automated tax calculating, notification sending, super-easy checkout process, easy to use and understand interface. No need to stay in the line and waste your time. Abilities to track the order progress inside of the profile. What could be better?

Please choose the product, order online in 30 seconds, pay instantly, and come to pick it up once ready. That is the formula of a successful restaurant online model in the 21st century!

Our team is still working on this project and keeps maintaining it daily, taking care of digital marketing, adding new website features, website server stability, and Search Engine Optimization.

I hope this information will add more understanding of Restaurant eCommerce value, combined with professional Digital Marketing and daily project maintenance.


Val Scerbacov
CEO / Founder

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