You already know what SEO is. But how much does SEO cost?

As a Professional Digital Marketing Agency, we have been working mainly with B2B. Although, different people often approach us with template questions.

Let's step out of the topic for a second and imagine the situation at the doctor's office.

For instance, imagine a professional doctor, reputable and knowledgeable. Firstly, he is going to listen to the patient. Carefully analyzing the patient's history of diseases (if they exist), the doctor will assign a specific set of analyzes.

Only after that the professional doctor will analyze the information once again and assign the treatment based on the given results. Including check-points for the future diagnosis and track record.

An unprofessional doctor won't listen to you. Giving you some pills that 'possibly help.' Without even care of possible side effects.

How do you think which of both doctors will treat the patient efficiently?

Search Engine Optimization is no different than a doctor's appointment. It's essential to follow the process to get helpful treatment.

Know Your Niche

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Indeed, most people want to get everything done quickly and efficiently. Simply came over and earned the highest Ranking. Without even having an idea of the niche they are trying to penetrate and no budget.

Meanwhile, working on our client's projects, we already know that before penetrating the niche, requiring to:

  • perform deep research
  • analyze the traffic flow
  • building a schematic to understand the relevance
  • calculate the Return On Investment (ROI)

Each of the bullet-point above is extremely important. It defines the workflow strategy and the result.

How To Calculate SEO Cost?

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How much does SEO cost in a specific niche?

So, this question is leading to the following list:

  • Complete Semantic Analysis to identify the most valuable keywords.
  • Link-Building Analysis to understand the content structure, showing Search Engines how to navigate among your website's pages.
  • Content Analysis, the volume, text quality, content type, and the structure.
  • Analyze the domain by the following parameters: ahrefs, majestic, tags, anchors, backlinks, and domain age.
  • Analyze the technical side. Page speed, user experience, interface & first interaction rate.
  • Analyze competitors in the same niche.
  • Centralize gathered data in one place to see a clear picture and build the precise strategy.
  • Build the SEO strategy.
  • Calculate the budget on things like web hosting, CDN, firewall, etc.
  • Measure an average conversion rate.
  • Calculate the cost of everything above.

All the above will help build efficient workflow and save the budget, instead of blasting the money all over trying to get results with no luck.

You can see the entrance point, understand the budget needed for Digital Marketing, and realize if it's something you want to deal with.

However, after facing reality and realizing the numbers, people are leaving to "think about it."

Everything is Relative

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So, how much does SEO cost?

Based on the information in this article, easy to understand that the price varies. It all depends on your niche, volume, budget, and strategy. Costs for SEO services may range from $1,000 to $20,000 per month. Is it a lot? Everything is relative.

Developing the website's content, constantly working on SEO, and following the strategy to penetrate the exact audience will be positive. Eventually, your website is going to reach the first page. By being at the top of the results, most traffic is yours simply because you are at the customer's face at the very beginning.

It means that sales of products or services will go up, no doubt.

Imagine generating $10,000 a month in sales by spending $2,000 on Search Engine Optimization monthly. Is it a lot?

What if SEO can bring you over $50,000 in monthly sales by spending $4,000 monthly? Is that a lot?

Some US companies are spending $100,000 monthly, generating from $300,000 to $500,000 each month. What do you think? Is it a lot?

What Else To Consider?

ARPU (Average Revenue Per User) - the amount of money generated per customer in a month.

LTV (Lifetime Value) - Only if applied to the niche. If yes, the amount of money generated by the client within a year.

There Are No Miracles

An SEO agency or an independent SEO specialist in any niche won't give you results without researching and generating the report in the first place.

Copying others is not working as well. You can try.

Remember the example with the doctor? Doctors don't treat two different patients with the same disease the same way. It's all about the individual approach.


In conclusion, let's break down the most critical bullet points in the list below.

  • First, get a complete analysis of your niche before digging any deeper.
  • Professional analysis of the niche can't be done quickly and for free.
  • A complete analysis takes not less than a week of constant and detailed work. The price for the study starts from $500 to $2,000.
  • If you have no budget for the research, don't get into the niche. How do you expect work done when it's a problem to handle the very first step? The chances to fail are 99,99%.
  • After getting the research report in your hands, don't run around looking for the cheapest deal. Cheap - does not mean quality. It's not working like that. The chances to fail are 99,99%.
  • Does the report give you any guarantee? No. We don't promise anything to our clients as well. We are doing what needs to be done based on the statistics and adjusting everything. The faster you fail, the better! Only failures are going to navigate you to the right path.
  • Value true professionals, not those who throw promises left and right.

Our team at Blue Bee Web has developed SEO projects with Click-Through Rates (CTR) of over 20%. That is an immense number, considering an average market CTR of around 5-9%.

Our team will be happy to jump on your project and get it done with the highest quality possible.

Vlad Ivanco
CEO / Founder
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