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We have driven over 2.7M+ in sales for our clients within the last 3 years

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We must learn your niche and define your product's USP & brand’s value proposition. This will help your customers see you as their preferred option.

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Dominate your business niche with our PPC

We keep optimizing the campaign to maximize the results. You earn more ROI monthly and day-by-day, focusing on your preferred business routine.

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Blue Bee Web PPC Advertising Results

Here are the results achieved for our clients

"They have developed an eCommerce website, Google Ads campaign, Social Media presence & most importantly, were able to connect our unique services & product to the interested audience. We tried many other PPC agencies before, but working with Blue Bee Web for 3 years made a huge difference in terms of ROI. Thank you! Highly recommended!"

- Oleg Scerbacov, President of ECU Team Corp
A Blue Water Taco PPC Google Ads Results provided by Blue Bee Web

Automotive Electronic Solutions In The USA, West Palm Beach, FL

Return in Sales
Total Ad Spend
New clients

"I'm really impressed!
They have built my Online Taco store, mind-blowing Paid Ads and Email Marketing. If you are looking for the best one-stop-shop digital marketing agency, then you are at the right place. Blue Bee Web is the best!"

- Mike Flannery, CEO/Owner of Blue Water Taco
A Blue Water Taco PPC Google Ads Results provided by Blue Bee Web
A logo of Blue Water Taco Restaurant n the USA, Jupiter, FL

Local Taco Restaurant in the USA, Jupiter, FL

In sales during campaigns

hours we’ve saved our clients


in revenue we’ve generated for our clients


average ROI increase within 12 months

Our Stats

What we've been able to win for our clients

Blue Bee Web PPC Advertising Process

How does our secret formula work?

It’s not breaking the laws of physics. We still use all the vital steps to do your high-performing PPC campaign. Have a look at Paid Advertising steps you need to understand.


Targeted Keywords Research


Develop An Effective Ad Campaign


Gathering Paid Advertising Results


Optimizing Ad Campaign For
ROI Increase

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PPC Pricing Table

Start Paid Advertising With ROI At Least 3.7x

Reach targeted audience the quickest way possible.
Risk free with no long-term commitment!

PPC Starter Plan

Best for micro businesses & startups

$1,000 Initial Ad Strategy & 1-Time Setup Fee


* Separate from Ad Platform charge

This package includes single campaign management.

Our PPC Agency is going to maintain your Ad campaign monthly.
We'll be performing all the necessary optimizations while your campaign is running and gathering more useful data.
This package intend to give you an option of testing Paid Advertising in action without spending big.

Free PPC Keyword Forecast

$500-25,000 Monthly Platform's Budget

1 Campaign Management Only

Unlimited Keywords Management

Google Ads Network

Ad Campaign Development

Ad Campaign Optimization

Ads Copywriting

Landing Page Optimization

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Auction Bid Management

Up To 5 Static Media Files Creation

Monthly Analytics Report

PPC Pro Plan

Best for small companies that are ready to expand

$1,900 Initial Ad Strategy & 1-Time Setup Fee


* Separate from Ad Platform charge

This package includes unlimited campaigns management.

All of your Ad campaigns are covered with this plan. We'll do all the monthly work performing the highest results, lowering your cost-per-click (CPC), and increasing ROI.

Free PPC Keyword Forecast

$500-25,000 Monthly Platform's Budget

5 Campaigns Management

Unlimited Keywords Management

Google Ads Network

Ad Campaign Development

Ad Campaign Optimization

Ads Copywriting

Landing Page Optimization

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Auction Bid Management

Up To 20 Static Media Files Creation

Monthly Analytics Report

PPC Enterprise Plan

Best for mid-size & enterprise business types

$4,900 Initial Ad Strategy & 1-Time Setup Fee

of Ad Spend

* Separate from Ad Platform charge

This plan is for you if monthly Ad spend is over $25,000+

Free PPC Keyword Forecast

$25,000+ Monthly Platform's Budget

Unlimited Campaigns Management

Unlimited Keywords Management

Google Ads Network

Ad Campaign Development

Ad Campaign Optimization

Ads Copywriting

Landing Page Optimization

Competitor Analysis

Keyword Auction Bid Management

Unlimited Static Media Files Creation

Monthly Analytics Report

How Paid Advertising helps your business

If you find this true, our Paid Advertising Services are for you

You are looking for sales increase without blowing the budget

You have lots of competitors on the market offering the same

More relevant leads are needed through the website forms

Need more targeted calls related to the services you offer

There are no time to wait for the SEO results

Brand awareness plays vital role for your business

You want to lower the Ad Spend for the existing campaign

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PPC - Step 1

Targeted Keywords Research

Before building an effective Ad Campaign, targeted keywords research must be conducted. It gives certain vital benefits listed below:

  • Get precise forecast of targeted keywords with average cost-per-click & search volume
  • Get an idea of low-entry barrier for your monthly Ad Spend
  • Get an idea of an Ad Campaign potential in the long run
  • Get an idea of content optimization based on relevant keywords
  • Get a list of related keywords & synonyms

Once you decide to build an Ad Campaign, our PPC Agency will perform the most efficient techniques to the Paid Advertising platform & get everything ready for the paid traffic boost.

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Blue Bee Web PPC Process Step 1 - Research of the targeted keywords
Blue Bee Web PPC Process Step 2 - Effective Ad Campaign Build
PPC - Step 2

Effective Ad Campaign Build

The next step after gathering targeted keywords, building an effective Advertising Campaign, based on your budget, chosen strategy, and targeted locations.

There are many different types of Paid Advertising campaigns for different purposes, and with different Ad placements. PC, Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, Smart TV, they all have huge variety of screen resolutions & user experience. To make an Ad Campaign effective, you have to consider lots of minor, but vital details. Our PPC team comes into play by performing the following:

  • Choosing proper Ad Campaign Type
  • Generating exclusive static & dynamic Ads
  • Creating useful Ad Extensions
  • Generating a set of meaningful call to actions
  • Setting up chosen keywords
  • Negative keywords list generation
  • Integrating conversions tracking into your website
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PPC - Step 3

Gathering Paid Advertising Results

At the end of each Ad running cycle during a month, our PPC Agency is going to gather all the results from an Advertising platform. This process includes revision of keywords and search queries.

Generated report also includes vital information, such as gender, age range, devices used, screen resolutions, audience interests & time of the most active sessions during the day.

Next, we can use this data to perform all the necessary optimizations.

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Blue Bee Web PPC Process Step 3 - Gathering Paid Advertising Results
Blue Bee Web PPC Process Step 4 - Optimizing Ad Campaign
PPC - Step 4

Optimizing Ad Campaign For Better Performance

The key to a successful & effective Ad campaign is properly made monthly optimization. Our PPC Agency is managing over million dollar Ad Spend for our clients.

Our expertise in lowering cost-per-click (CPC) & generating leads using Paid Advertising is unbeatable. Our results & ROI numbers will tell the truth.

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Who We Work With

Who We Serve

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Architecture and Design
Restaurants, Food and Beverage
Real Estate
Small Business
Construction & Home Improvements
Beauty & Wellness
B2B Services & SaaS

Blue Bee Web PPC Agency Benefits

Benefits of working with us

It's important to clearly understand what to expect from our PPC Agency, so you can estimate the value of digital marketing for your business.

You get a free PPC forecast

In the very beginning our team will get a very detailed Pay-Per-Click Forecast of the most relevant keywords to your business, monthly search volume, average cost-per-click (CPC) and the most efficient initial monthly budget for the Advertising Platform.

We offer this forecast for free, because we are interested in long-term relationships only. It means that you have to have a clear understanding of the entry barrier for an efficient collaboration.

The purpose of this forecast is to give you a clear picture of the current situation for the related keywords on the market, predict the Ad Spend, and understand the potential of Paid Advertising for your specific industry.

No contracts obligations

We are not forcing you to sign any paperwork to work with us. The best guarantees are our results. If you are getting positive & consistently growing results, both parties could be ensured in stable & transparent long-term business relationships.

You are not obligated to stick to us. Leave any time, if not satisfied with the results we perform.

Our team strives to give you the easiest access to an opportunity of generating consistent growth with the help of Paid Advertising & our experts.

You get immediate assistance

Don't think you are alone. Our team is going to be with you all the way long. We'll be answering all the ongoing questions, suggesting best practice performance models, optimizing existing Ad Campaign, and constantly lowering cost-per-click (CPC).

We provide you with clear & full monthly reporting

After all, it'll be great to share monthly performance report with you. That way you can clearly see & visualize the progress of your Ad Campaign. Our team us going to apply changes & optimize the Ad Campaign, based on the report.

Our Paid Advertising strategies bring you instant results

Paid Advertising consists of multiple effective Ad types. One of the most common - Pay-Per-Click (PPC). In short, you can place your page to the very top of the search results for money. By doing so, people searching for the related content will be able to see your Ad as a search result, and convert into a lead.

Once your Ad Campaign is live, it starts showing up in search results immediately, meaning generating clicks. Clicks are not enough, because they have to contain value by bringing interested clients. To do so, our team performs in-depth keyword research to penetrate targeted audience.

We expand your audience & build stronger presence along with desire to act

Another huge benefit of Paid Advertising is it's humongous audience. There are so many people searching for different things each second, that it's always a space to get more traction.

By optimizing Ad Campaign and increasing Ad Spend budget, you can show up in front of millions of people in a day. It means that more people can view your product or services & more chances to convert.

We follow real & measured data

Paid Advertising platforms share real-time data during the day, as well as detailed measures of all kind of actions. Clicks, views, interaction time, gender, age, interests, and more. By understanding the reality, our experts know how to optimize your Ad Campaign to save your budget, and get the most value out of the platform.

You can cancel any time!

Yes, you can cancel your Ad Campaign at any time. This is another great benefit of why you should try marketing your brand online with knowledgeable team of Paid Advertising experts.

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Blue Bee Web PPC Agency

What to expect from us

We are an all-in-one Paid Advertising/PPC agency. We are ready to provide you with a full range of digital marketing services. With our proven PPC approach, you will boost paid traffic to your website and increase conversion rates.

Free PPC Forecast

Predict the future of your Paid Advertising Campaign & proper entry budget.


Get the list of the hottest keywords for your business, view search volume & trends.


We generate several different Ad versions for all of your campaign & optimize if needed.

Campaign Management

Our PPC Agency is going to manage & optimize all of your Ad Campaigns monthly.

PPC Optimizations

Including or excluding keywords, adjusting Ad copies, adding negative keywords.


Pay less & get more - an effective Paid Advertising. Increase ROI with our best practices.

PPC Tracking Integration

Integrating conversion tracking code into your website for precise measurements.

Monthly Ad Reporting

Get detailed monthly Ad report & see how it's performing. We adjust the campaign for better consistently.

See Pricing

Paid Advertising FAQ

Still have questions?

You are right if you feel you don't know enough yet. Paid Marketing is a complex topic. We'll try to answer some of your questions beforehand.

So, what exactly do you guys do?

It’s a lot of info on this page, we know. To be short, we are taking your existing Ad campaign under our control or creating a brand new Ad campaign specifically for your business and managing it all monthly.

We also maintain & optimize your current campaign for better results. We do way more than that, so you can view other solutions we offer by browsing our website.

How do we begin the PPC process?

First, our PPC Specialist must talk to the business owner or whoever is in charge of the marketing campaign. When we get all the details needed to build an efficient Ad campaign, we start the Ad Campaign setup & launch once finished. After that, our dedicated PPC Team manages and optimizes your Ad Campaign daily.

What is the One-Time Installment Fee for?

To get an efficient Ad Campaign up & running, there are a lot of pre-work must be done. Keyword research, trends & competitors analysis, and after that build the actual Ad Campaign.

This whole process takes from 2 to 5 days to get prepared.

Why are there no contracts?

We’d like you to have the freedom of choice and some space to breathe without extra obligations. Indeed, we can sign contracts if it’s necessary for your type of business. However, it’s not required by our side.

Our goal is to deliver expected results, which is the only critical point that will keep you loyal to our PPC Agency.

What if the PPC Ad Campaign does not generate results?

That’s why we offer Free PPC forecast. This information is giving both of us a clear picture of the current market situation & minimum required Ad budget. We’ve managed Ad Accounts with over $2.5M+ in Ad budget and never got into problems like this. We think before acting.

What if I'm not sure about your PPC Agency?

That’s fine. We are not forcing anybody to use our solutions & services. We are willing to work exclusively with those who understand the value of high-quality Paid Advertising. If you are not sure - don’t go with us.

Can you give us a discount?

No. Our prices are the most reasonable compared to the results we perform. Our pricing is more than affordable.

I don’t see the package that will fit my needs. Can you customize it?

Absolutely Yes! We can get a fully custom package for your needs, as long as it’s going to generate positive results.

What happens if I wish to cancel?

As we mentioned many times on this page, we are not forcing anybody to stick to us. As a business owner, you always have the access to all of your Ad Platforms. You can easily drop us from the managing list at any time.

See Pricing

Paid Advertising Essentials You Need To Know

Paid Ads Essentials


Simply creating Ads is not enough. You have to understand the consequences of each action & change made to the campaign. Efficient Ad campaign requires a well-thought Ad strategy to gain the highest ROI within short period of time. Running Ad campaign without the strategy leads to waste of the budget & no results. Make sure to run your Ad campaign with a proven Ad strategy.

Keyword Research & Analysis

It's important to understand that exists certain low-barrier for the monthly Ad spend, & going lower won't bring any results & waste the budget for nothing. Perfect PPC Campaign starts with an in-depth keyword research & analysis. This process gives a clear picture of keyword search volume, cost-per-click (CPC), understanding keyword relevancy, upcoming trends by locations, & initial budget to begin an effective Ad Campaign.

Conversion Tracking Setup

To measure the efficiency of any Ad Campaign, analytics data must be gathered. For this purposes, exists Conversion Tracking. It's a piece of unique script that integrates into your website or app to calculate actions & send them over to the Analytics platform. This method allows getting the real-time data & count actions such as clicks, scrolls, page views, time spent on the website, filled out forms & other actions.

Bing & Google Ads Platforms

There are two major Paid Advertising Platforms offered by search engines from Google & Microsoft Bing. Since the Google Search is sharing over 85% of activity, Bing is taking about 8%. However, even 8% is a big number. Since the Google Search remains the biggest Ad Platform (Google Ads), we highly recommend starting with it. It also shares the most advanced Analytics tools, user experience, functionality & integrations.

Ad Campaign Optimization

Each Ad Campaign requires adjustments, based on gathered Analytics data. It's done once a month, because time is needed to gather analytics, & each change is going to affect the performance, since Google Search is using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to process the data & learn how to better show your Ads. Adding targeted keywords & generating a list of negative keywords is also a big part of optimization process. Properly optimized Ads supposed to cost less with time.

Campaign Retargeting Setup

Once someone clicks on your Ad & leaves the page, retargeting mechanism comes into play & starts chasing that user all over the internet during 30 days. It increases the amount of conversion over 60%. This process also requires integration of scripts from the Ad Platform into your website. Retargeting does not cost you a dime if users are just viewing your Ads. It counts only clicks, which is exactly what is needed for the successful Ad Campaign.

Ad Campaign Management

Our PPC Agency is managing your Ad Campaign daily & performing monthly optimizations to increase conversions & ROI. Our PPC experts reviewing the performance of the campaign daily to make sure it's not underperforming. We exclude all the irrelevant keywords & phrases, monitoring demographics & upcoming trends. In short, we are doing everything in our power to minimize your Ad Spend & maximize ROI.

Paid Search

Paid Search Advertising is giving you an option to be placed on top of the search result when searching for specific keywords, even if you don't have organic traffic or any other online presence. Different campaigns require different budget & unique approach to target specific audience & generate relevant leads. You have to pay monthly to stay listed at the top. There are many competitors out there, meaning that an Ad Campaign must beat them all day-to-day & month-to-month.

Landing Page Optimization

Since PPC campaign is navigating users to your landing page, it's vital optimizing it to the point where it's intuitive for a call to action. Users should act accordingly once they land to a page with less obstacles. Paid Advertising Platforms are scoring from 1 to 10 Ads quality. Landing page experience is playing a crucial role for this factor. Content on the page must represent advertised product or service including detailed description and call to action.

Media Advertising Campaigns

Media Ads are full of graphics & have different placements, rather than search Ads. Media Ads are best useful when imbedded into YouTube videos. In some cases, it might be a static graphics, which is places across different websites or apps. Media Advertising requires a set of meaningful banners & well-made, quick & easy to understand video clip in most cases. The biggest benefit of Media Ads is pricing. It's always significantly cheaper than the Search Ad.


Paid Advertising Platforms such as Google Ads is offering a Dynamic keyword tag insertion into the Ads. It means that one dynamic Ad can replace 10 static Ads. Keywords are going to be inserted into the Ad name. It's possible to generate one Dynamic Ad that can be used along with other keywords you have listed, so Google is going to insert it when search query matches. It helps increasing conversion rate by precisely matching desired search.


Ads could be extended with different options. For instance, product price, discount offer, purchase notice, phone number, & other useful features. It makes Ad look richer & more attractive by giving more options to the interested audience. It's possible to run the campaign without Ad Extensions, however this is free feature integrated into the Ad Platform & helps increase conversion rate.

See Pricing

Blue Bee Web PPC Marketing Agency

Here’s what sets the Blue Bee Web team apart

Every team is unique, and we are not an exception. It’s all about inner values, beliefs, and rich expertise that positively effect the work process and results.

We put people first

We treat you the same way we treat ourselves. All of us are creative beings with personalities. We strive to reflect only the best qualities of you in your business. We serve and help you grow while focusing on other vital business parts. The same applies to our team. We are helping each other in the creative aspect of our lives, trying to fulfill it with sense, progress and mastery. We feel you, as a client, as a headship, and our team, as one community, focused on helping and improving the quality of life.

Our total transparency

We are talented, experienced, and brave to explore new ways of our business. Whether digital marketing, web design & development, or brand design, we share our strategies directly. You can find the results of our work in our cases and our client's testimonials. While working with us, reports show the efficiency of our work in exact numbers.

We are education-focused

While giving you the most efficient results, we always need to learn something new. Cookie-cutter digital solutions are not bringing positive results. That’s why it is hard for you to find a good digital marketing provider. To succeed online, you need a team thinking out of the box.

You get dedicated specialists

Working with us, you get a tighten-up team dedicating their time & expertise to develop strategies, implement, test, and improve them for your business growth.

We are ROI-obsessed

Results - all that matters. Positive ROI is the most delightful result any business owner wishes to see, and we are here to give it to you.

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Blue Bee Web PPC Blog

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